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What is This ?

It’s a QR Code meaning a

Quick Response Code


This is our idea for a windscreen sticker. It can be placed in your car and anyone who would like more information about it  could use a smart phone or tablet to read the codes which are contained in the boxes above.

Firstly, you need to install an App on your device. Simply go to the “App Store” search for “QR code reader” and then install it. You just run the software on your device & point at the code to read it and view the information

We could make up labels for your car. If you would like one click here We will then be able to assess whether  there is sufficient interest to make it viable. We also aim to produce a dummy tax disc incorporating your code

Note: you will be asked to type in a number before pressing submit. This is a normal security check. No need for concern.

QR Code2